Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Creativity Bootcamp

Just the other day, I found an interesting link to a blogsite through the Ravelry forums. It is The Creativity Bootcamp. Megan Beishline is an incredibly creative lady who has lots of energy and likes to motivate others to reach higher levels of achievement. I can so honor and appreciate this. The bootcamp is a ten day challenge to create something new each day, in a medium of our own choosing, based on a random word that Madeline gives the group on that day. I am coming into the Bootcamp late, as all the others are finishing up, but does this really matter?

As it so happens, I was just talking with the DH about doing something very similar for a period of a month. Well, a month may be a little long and maybe I would get behind and way off course. Ten days is definitely doable. My trouble is choosing a medium to work in. I am a changeable and variety loving creator that would be sorely challenged to stay in one medium. After giving this some thought, I have decided that it is really up to me and for my supreme benefit. Most of the participants are into photography, so a few photos a day is easy. Crafting something each day is a whole different challenge. However I feel up to it, and have decided that my "medium" is going to be anything recycled. I will be blogging daily about my experience along the way.

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