Saturday, March 27, 2010

Car Woes or Ode to My Honda

My car lost its zip. I was entering an interstate speedway, and it groaned excessively as I plunged the accelerator to the floor. The RPM's flew upward, yet my usually responsive Honda Accord struggled forward slowly into the fray. Trying its best, freeway speed gathered and held, but when I once again pulled to a stop, it heaved forward like a fatally wounded elephant. After just having spent a fortune and survived a week without a car to have the head gasket repaired, I was frantic. I called the mechanic, who came by the house and worked on it for an hour before he told me he had to take it to his shop again. And now, after another week of being car-less, I have my sweet Honda back and it has regained its pep and zips around as if nothing had even happened. At 130,000 miles, we have been together through a lot, and been many places. This car has given me the gift of no car payments for several years now, and this was the first time I had to do other than maintenance or tires, ...or brakes. ...I love my car!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prayer Flags: Knit one, ...Serge one

Prayer Flag tunic and the jewelry that served as my inspiration. The earrings and necklace were made for me by a dear friend, Ivy Bryan several years ago, and are some of my favorite and meaningful pieces. They were inspired by Himalayan prayer flags. The Tibetans believe that if you have a prayer, and write it onto a piece of fabric, then tie it where it will blow in the wind, the prayer will go out and be answered.

Align Center
I have been creatively busy lately! The new wardrobe flows off the needles and sewing table and onto my back. I love the new tunics. ??? Both blue even, imagine that! Both are of my own design. It is my belief that a garment like this is so much more satisfying than just following a pattern by some one else. One of my favorite dresses was a little "dinner dress" I designed and made up back in the early sixties. Our dorm dress code actually dictated that we must wear a dress to dinner (OMG! ...How archaic is that!???) . So, I invented a pullover mini that I could thrown on in a flash to go to table. It was a turquoise/lime green/purple floral, and I lined it with lime green. I cut the sleeves bell shape, so that glimpses of the lime would show. I wore it with purple patent Mary Jane heels, and lime green tights. Wish I had a photo! Everything was floral back then. I also had a red floral pantsuit I wore. Once, at the grocery store, a toddler staring at me, yanked on his Mommy's sleeve, and seriously informed her that "that lady is wearing her pajamas!" ...I don't think I liked it as much after that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Should I, ...or Could I? ...In other words, what to wear?

As the building of the new wardrobe gathers speed, a little voice occasionally chirps in my brain saying: "What will people think?" ..."Are you dressing you age?" ..."Are you having a second childhood?" ...Or worse of all, ..."Will I look totally ridiculous?"
To all of these queries, I give a quick evaluation, and then decide that I am the one living this life. I am the one who is wearing the clothes. I have spent too much time concerned about what other people think. No, I am not in a second childhood, but I love to be comfortable. I am dressing to suit my lifestyle. Some persons may think I look ridiculous, but then, it's all relative anyway, and quite often, I think they look ridiculous!
Clothing styles coming out today are fabulously colorful. They even remind my of my grandmother's home. It had way too many floral patterns on the walls, floor, and furniture. Patterns are over the top. Styles are hip and chique. Remember when fashion revolutionaries dictated wearing stilettos with jeans? Out went the rules! Trust the youthful to bring it on with exuberance and vitality. The Boomers are not ready to succumb to what was once considered proper attire for middle age and beyond. We still think of ourselves as attractive, active and even sexy! Yeah baby! ...I said the 'S' word! Say it again, out loud! ...SEXY!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot Pants are Back!

Here are some results of research I have been doing lately on fashion trends. I am in a slow process of giving myself a new wardrobe based on comfort and action.

Fashion trends for 2010
  • Denim is coming in big, tight, stretchy and distressed!
  • Ruffles
  • 80's looks
  • Layers
  • Mesh & nudity
  • Texture
  • Patterns stripes, floral, dots, and animal prints
  • Short shorts and skirts
  • Glamour and lots of it!

Amazing to me is that I just allowed myself to get rid of hundreds of 80's patterns I have saved for all these years. Well, I did keep some special patterns. There is a Betsy Johnson long sleeve T with hot pants. (See pattern on left second from the right. I see this look everywhere on the fashion sights. Love that Betsy! What a style setter she was and still keeps the faith today. Still wild 'n wonderful after all these years. Now, don;t get me wrong, I have no intention of getting back into hot pants. Leggings, yes! But I must admit to owning a few bumps and bulges that would be gag me with a spoon ugly, ...and ugly ain't chique baby!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Being Honest 'til it Hurts

As an update to my last post, I have been asked to make some additions to the course I just took by the school that offers it. I made sure that my criticisms were justifiable, and specific, and they appreciated my comments so much that they want me to make whatever additions to it I feel would make it more effective! I do believe I will take them up on their offer! Ha! ....I'll be published again after all these years!