Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 11

Creativity Bootcamp Day 11


I knew exactly what I would do the moment I read this challenge word. It took a few days to put together, but part of the hush was that I had to do this without the hubby's knowing. Silly really, but I have recycled a pair of old flannel lounge pants and also an old cotton T-shirt. The pants were shredded apart at the center back seam, and beyond any repair short of placing a giant patch up the back.

I cut the legs off his freshly washed pants and cut them into strips along with the
shirt, and then tied the strips together to create strippon yarn.

Knitted up loosely on large needles, and a fast project, this deep cowl is soft and warm.


  1. Hmmmm, this is great for me in several ways! First, I never thought of the concept of cutting strips of old clothing and tying them together to make yarn (love it!) Second, now I know the name for such a thing... strippon. Love the "Hush" look of your cowl. Reading back through older posts, I see you're quite the creative knitter! Next I'm going to read the one on clutter.

    Thanks for your comment on my "Green Glass Beads" post. I appreciate your voice too and am glad to have discovered your blog.

  2.'ve created something wonderful too! It is clever and creative and intriguing! I think you're onto something!

    I've made rag bags, but they are too tough on the hands bc they need to be dense fabric.....but a cowl - what a fab idea!