Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 8 ...again

Creativity Bootcamp Day 8

So, finally back on track and only a few challenges away from completion. Day 8's challenge is "ornament." Struggling with not enough knowledge (I just dabble at jewelry making), I did a bit of research on what others have used for stringing, and it's still a hard decision to make. I am aiming for something with no shape of its own. The LBS recommends fine nylon. I just don't like nylon. Back in the 60-70's when everyone was stringing beads, we had something called tiger tail and it always broke. However, there was not that much available back then. I tried other stuff like nylon, but hated the results of everything I used. Now, here I am again, faced with the same issue, but now there are a gazillion products out there that promise perfect results. Sure. However, I have great hopes for the Power Pro string I bought. I am learning new tricks with my creation. Dabbler that I am, this excites me. I want results that look high quality and professional.In the meantime, I just did these danglers, while I figure out the others.

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